You don’t have to keep struggling.

Overwhelm doesn’t have to continue being a part of your life.

  • Do you want to understand why you struggle in social situations?
  • Have you spent years trying to reduce overwhelm on a daily basis?
  • Do you feel anxious or stressed if you don’t check things again and again?

We work with individuals and organisations to help you or your staff gain a better understanding of their traits to live and work more comfortably.


You can gain insight and understanding into your unique trait profile through our in-depth and comprehensive neuro-affirming assessments. If you are looking for a diagnosis, we can also help.


Our services are designed to be supportive and affirming for people who are exploring their experiences of neurodiversity including mental health challenges.


Be empowered to harness your neurodivergent strengths through neuro-affirming coaching with us.

We understand that every neurodivergent person is unique

We provide empathic, and non-pathologising assessment, therapy and coaching to people who identify as neurodivergent. We help you to understand and describe your sensory and emotional world, so you can feel more integrated, whole and empowered in your uniqueness.

We do this working 1:1 on an individual basis. Or we can work within your organisation to provide assessments for your workforce.

Whether you are an individual looking for a neuroaffirming assessment, focusing on your strengths and helping you design the life you want.

Or you are an organisation seeking to move beyond the tokenistic into real change for your teams to support their growth and development.

We are can provide expert help and support.

How it works

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1. Book a call

Speak to us in confidence about the support you might be looking for. Don’t feel you need to know all the right questions before you book a call. We are happy to discuss your experiences.

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2. Arrange a neurodivergence screening session

Our screening sessions are thoughtfully designed to offer valuable insights and support tailored to your or your teams’ unique needs.

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3. Choose your way forward

We will assist you in exploring different avenues to move forward and achieve your or your organisation’s goals.

Drop us an email today and we can start your journey to a better understanding of neurodivergence. Creating a life where you or your teams can thrive and flourish.


Diagnosis & Assessment

Our assessments give you a stable scaffold from which to understand yourself so that you can feel more integrated and whole, with improved mental health. We work with people who have been given diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, bipolar and borderline personality, and OCD, and also with people who are not seeking diagnosis but who wish to explore and understand their neurodiverse traits from an empowered position. If you are looking for a formal diagnosis, we can also help you.

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We specialise in helping people with a range of diagnoses and experiences to understand their sensory and emotional worlds, understand their patterns and make sense of their feelings. We also work with people who are not diagnosed or seeking diagnosis but who wish to understand themselves in order to improve mental health. We help you to gain clarity, reduce overwhelm, feel safer and harness your unique strengths so you feel less exhausted by masking. We help you feel safe and supported while you explore your sensory and emotional world.

Neuro-affirming Coaching

We aim to bring clarity and confidence to people who wish to explore the full range of their personality and experience, including their sensory and emotional experiences. Knowledge is power – if it’s knowledge of your own neurodivergence, it can empower you to feel more whole and less exhausted by masking. We believe that every neurodiverse person should have the freedom and support to choose their own path. We’re here to help you along the way.

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